New Recruit

When I had my first interview with WSP back in October 2020, the lockdown restrictions were just easing, and I was able to meet a few of my potential future colleagues in the office. However, just a few weeks later, that had all changed. With rising Covid-19 cases and increasingly tough restrictions, we were all encouraged to continue to work remotely, a circumstance that has remained in place for the 9 months I have been with WSP.

Despite these unusual circumstances, it was surprisingly easy to start with WSP, and that I credit to the team. My new company laptop and accessories were all ready and waiting for me on day one, having been set up in advance by WSP’s fantastic IT manager, James, with the only technical issue so far being my unreliable Wi-Fi (the curse of living in rural England). As the most junior member of the team, I was also assigned a supervisor, Mark, who was available for me to call any hour of the day with a whole host of unnecessary (and, in many cases silly), questions. The whole team has made me feel welcome throughout my time here so far, and the nature of the WSP style of working has helped me integrate naturally into the company.

As I had recently graduated from my Masters Degree in Health Data Analytics the previous summer, and had just started looking for my first permanent position, I wasn’t sure I would have the right sort of experience to join a consultancy firm like WSP. After joining, I came to understand that WSP relies on a variety of team members, each with different skill sets and backgrounds, and that the most important criteria was the right attitude and willingness to learn. From my first week here, I have been involved in relevant and meaningful projects like supporting the modelling of the Covid-19 pandemic and I’ve learnt a lot since joining, from new software and tools like Stella Architect, to new concepts like systems dynamics. Often the work is challenging and requires critical thinking, but it is always rewarding and exciting to be a part of a WSP project that you know will make a real impact.

I’m still finding my feet at WSP, and excited to take on more responsibility as a new member of the team, but I’m most looking forward to meeting the rest of my colleagues in person at our summer team outing (fingers crossed!)

Alex Gray