Rv Community of Interest

Relationships are at the heart of patient or client experience, and are equally as vital for effective and sustainable strategic change at a system level. WSP has invested in the development of a framework that supports its strategic consultancy in recognising the importance of relationships in achieving, and sustaining, transformation and change. The framework is called Relational Value (Rv), and is based on an understanding of the behaviours you would expect within a system were there to be appropriate levels of system integrity, fairness, respect, compassion and trust to achieve a particular goal.

However, whilst WSP has adopted this framework in its strategic consultancy, we recognise that organisational development (OD) and cultural change practitioners are best placed to walk alongside those seeking to implement change in the light of the evidence from the use of the framework. WSP are now partnering with other specialists, welcoming them into the Community of Interest in a way that supports their individual business models and enriches the substance and application of the Rv tool.

The Community of Interest has been developed with a group of interested individuals who came together for an initial workshop in May 2016, with further meetings held in November 2016, October 2017, June 2018, and Feb 2019 and on-going webinars, with the last one held in Apr 2019, and will continue to be enhanced in partnership through peer support and regular training events.

If you are interested in this Community of Interest you can contact either Heather.Wheeler@thewholesystem.co.uk or anne@annemarlow.com.

WSP are also looking to partner with organisations to embed the ideas of relational value, and the associated tools. If you’d like to discuss this opportunity, please contact either Peter.Lacey@thewholesystem.co.uk or Heather.Wheeler@thewholesystem.co.uk.

[Note: Rv is a Trademark owned by WSP. We encourage people to share the approach and adapt it locally under a creative commons © arrangement that requires attribution to WSP and non-commercial use. WSP retains sole ownership of a database containing a library of applications and survey data that can be used for on-going research into this important area.]