About WSP

What we do:

WSP provides support for partnership development and system redesign in health and social care. Our aim is to help you develop new insights and deliver improvement by supporting strategic reviews and the implementation of major redesign programmes using modelling and simulation as a key tool, whilst bringing a distinctive approach to building and strengthening relationships to support adoption and sustainability.

Our Consultancy projects are supported by:

  • Engagement processes that focus on partnership development and strengthening the relationships that are critical to successful redesign;
  • A framework for strategy formulation and implementation that ensures that key decisions are well informed and structured;
  • Systems models for healthcare commissioners and providers including policy impact, financial modelling and service redesign programmes;
  • Online tools, articles and evidence-base for testing strategies and specifying priorities;
  • Workshops and networking events;
  • A database of projects, downloadable reports, papers and case studies.

How we work:

Our research into understanding the relational dimension of change has lead to reflection on our own relationships, both within the team, and with clients (see here).  The relational value we seek to build with clients is important to us, and is the subject of on-going monitoring.  This will test whether we ‘practice what we preach’ in ensuring that WSP acts

  • To build integrity, i.e. a consistency and reliability that dovetails with our clients or partners needs, whilst retaining an appropriate level of independence to ensure our input and advice is akin to being a ‘critical friend’;
  • To build respect, i.e. recognising the experience and knowledge that those we work with have acquired, and acknowledging these sources wherever they occur;
  • To build fairness, i.e. ensuring that all those we work with as clients or partners can benefit wherever they start from;
  • To build empathy, i.e. recognising any constraints or pressures that clients or partners work under and seeking to work in a way that can ameliorate these;
  • To build trust, i.e. anticipating and fulfilling the expectations of clients and partners in ways that go beyond what has been specified to achieve our joint goals.

We welcome observations and comment on your experience of WSP and whenever these behaviours are not fully demonstrated we will seek to address any issues.

Registered Office:

The Whole Systems Partnership
The Old Crown
North Yorkshire
Registered in the UK VAT Registered Number: 708 2026 62

Business Address:

The Whole Systems Partnership
8 York Place
North Yorkshire