WSP & Project Reviews

As a learning organisation, WSP has instituted a review process with a sample of clients which has now been running a year, for the purposes of our own learning, as well as providing an opportunity for clients. The review covers effectiveness of the project in terms of delivery, lessons learnt and benefits to the client alongside the quality of the working relationships between the WSP team and the main client team. Each review is carried out in the 6 months after the completion of the relevant project, so we can take stock of the project and subsequent application.

In reviews with our clients, we discuss the performance of the delivery of work to time and cost and explore the working relationships between WSP and client using high level Rv statements (Rv Tracker Tool). As this feedback builds up, we will publish results and subsequent actions on this site.  To review the latest feedback please click here.

We also like to practice what we preach by…..

Using the Rv statements to review relationships across the WSP team.  This has, for example, led us to pay more attention to the dissemination of technology across the team, confirming an internal IT needs assessment. As a result, Team members increasingly utilise the tools that are best suited to our work, and the Rv scores in this area are now closer to those of other attributes.