Dementia network

Status - completed
Completion Date: 18 Jul 2014
Client - In-house project

Nature of Work -

Building on its long experience of strategic work on dementia services and the recently developed framework model for dementia WSP has launched its dementia learning network.  For members of the network WSP has calibrated the framework model to their locality and provided a set of both local outputs and comparator information with other localities.  Network members have access to a gold standard for dementia services and a set of dementia metrics against which progress on implementing the National Dementia Strategy can be monitored. Membership of the network allows localities to: – Share assumptions about baselines and targets for impact in order to benchmark these and explore local interpretation and evidence from across the network; – Share basic information in an easily accessible and secure on-line environment about the nature of current services in each locality as well as plans for the future; – Inform the ongoing development of the model in light of the above which will be periodically updated and available to members. Already some ideas for further enhancement of the model and an associated on-line tool have been identified and members are sharing service specifications and plans.  Network members have said: “The network is well organised and, by using the online tools and conference calls, is a cost effective means of sharing and learning” Sussex Dementia Partnership “I have learnt that though there may be shared problems there are different approaches and more than one commissioning solution” Sheffield City Council Completed pre July 2014

WSP Lead - Carol Cochrane
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