General Practice Workforce

Status - ongoing
Completion Date:
Client - Various

Nature of Work -

To contribute to the requirements around the GPFV workforce plan. The initial round completed in October, focused on the contribution expected toward the +5,000 GP target. This next round looks at the wider General Practice workforce.

Preparatory work by WSP is well suited to reviewing the contribution of all elements of the general practice workforce using the simulation model developed for the first round. This provides a framework for HEE data requirements in this phase.
The modelling using NHS Digital workforce data, adjusted where necessary for local knowledge, for the relevant CCG/STP footprint and identifying the nature of the workforce transformation journey necessary to meet wider STP goals and aspirations.

Currently working with Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, and Lincolnshire.

WSP Lead - John Deagle
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