Primary Care Mental Health Strategy

Status - completed
Completion Date: 3 Jan 2006
Client - North East Lincolnshire PCT

Nature of Work -

Following the successful transfer of all specialist mental health services to the primary care trust from a specialist provider, the PCT is now undertaking a review office overall strategic objectives with a particular emphasis on developing a whole systems model of mental health provision.  The review will particularly focus on: 1 identifying the critical roles, responsibilities, and functions of a primary health care system for meeting mental health needs (both common and enduring) 2 the management of access  primary/community services to specialist mental health services, and vice versa 3 The roles and organisation of the functional teams emerging from the NSF implementation, and their relationships both with each other and with the PHCTs and CMHTS The outputs of the work are anticipated to be: 1 a specification for the role, responsibilities and functions of a primary/community health care system in respect of mental health services 2 an identification of the workforce requirements of the above options for the organizational/structural arrangements between mainstream and specialist services for a contemporary mental health system.

WSP Lead - Peter Lacey
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