The relational value ‘Tracker’ tool

The ‘Rv Tracker’ is a simplified relational survey that can be used to embed relational thinking into any ongoing evaluation or programme, and in any context.  It consists of 5 short statements, one for each of the 5 Rv attributes of Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Empathy and Trust.  Respondents are asked to rate each statement according to whether, in their recent experience, they reflect the relationships within a system that they are a part of. The Tracker might, for example, be used at a weekly staff meeting of a care team, at a monthly Partners’ meeting, by participants in an MDT meeting, or by patients at each visit to the GP surgery.

The ‘Tracker’ is designed to be used alongside the more comprehensive relational value survey. So, for example, having established the baseline for Rv by using the full survey, organisations can monitor the immediate impact of interventions on relationships, and can receive early warning of potential relational issues.  This will enable changes or trends in the quality of relationships for any health and social care system to be monitored and responded to appropriately before repeating the full survey.

Examples where the Tracker has been used to date include:

  • An extra care housing facility for older people;
  • A small business ‘virtual team’ who were located across a wide geography;
  • In a review by clients of the way a consultancy has delivered its services.

For more information on the Tracker or on any other relational value matters contact: Heather Wheeler @