Strategy and Partnership Development

We believe that strategy development is an inclusive and ongoing process. We have therefore developed our toolkit in a way that supports partnership development and engagement. These approaches are demonstrated by the variety of bespoke and tailored pieces of work we have been commissioned to undertake. The testimony of our clients shows that we genuinely believe that there is no 'one size' to fit all.

The tools that WSP use in support of strategy and partnership development provide a distinctive array of approaches that can be tailored to local needs. A small sample of the most regularly used tools include:

  • High quality research skills to explore and understand the context in which strategic choices need to be made
  • The use of simulation software to visualise and explore the impact of different strategic options
  • An underpinning of relational thinking to ensure alignment of language, understanding and a common purpose
  • Applying a thorough options appraisal methodology to ensure robust decisions.