Systems modelling software

ithink is Stella!

Following a major period of development isee systems have now consolidated their modelling software into a single offer – Stella. WSP is the UK’s only official re-seller of Stella software, the products that we ourselves use to create simulations as a supporting tool to our consultancy projects. We are also one of the leading UK authorised providers of training in systems dynamics using the iThink™/STELLA™ software.

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Rooted in Systems Thinking, Stella models can reveal the sometimes counter-intuitive impacts of a new policy, procedure or intervention on the wider system, enabling better-informed decisions to be made.

Stella is a powerful tool for communicating interdependencies between processes and problems. Your entire business team will understand the variables that impact your business. Shared insight enables teams to work together, further ensuring that decisions are fully implemented and mitigating risk.”            Source:  isee systems website

 Use Stella to:

  • Create what-if scenarios for decision support
  • Develop shared understanding across functional teams
  • Reduce the risks associated with policy or process change
  • Identify key leverage points for improving performance
  • Build models that simulate your business

Some of our projects that have benefitted from systems modelling include…

  • Exploring workforce requirements to support a new clinical decision hub for an urgent care system;
  • Understanding capacity requirements across a whole system for a key population cohort such as those who are frail or people with a mental health need;
  • Gauging the appropriate balance between bed based and community based services within an intermediate tier;
  • Development of unscheduled care models of service with a particular emphasis on workforce modelling and shifts in the balance of care;
  • Developing a high level ‘Health System Simulator’ tool to inform key capacity decisions;
  • Exploring different strategies to reduced delayed discharges of care across a local health community as part of a national review of delayed discharges.

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To find out more information, or to discuss your software requirements, please contact Peter Lacey on +44 (0)1423 340585.