Integrated Care Systems

Integrated Care Systems (ICS)  provide an ideal environment in which WSP's skills can be used.  Our long experience in supporting clients across health and social care to achieve service transformation is at the cornerstone of such support.  Recent work to develop a distinctive systems approach to the modelling of population health needs  and the development of the SWiPe framework  combine to provide senior leaders with the tools to navigate the challenging and complex changes envisaged.  Finally, our keen interest in the nature of partnership working and the key relationships that make this effective underpin any such local engagement.  This approach also flows through to Place-Based Planning.

WSP can support ICSs in a number of ways, including:

Understanding population health needs:  WSP has developed a distinctive method of modelling population health needs by adopting a dynamic cohort approach in using System Dynamics.  This can be applied using nationally available cohort study data or from local linked datasets where available.  We are also in discussion with senior public health professionals to carry out research and development in this area with a particular focus on people with complex needs or who are frail.

Strategic workforce planning:  We are supporting a number of ICS footprints to understand their ‘whole workforce’ using our SWiPe framework.  This enables local partners to understand the shape of the workforce by workstream/pathway and skill level in a way that links to underlying need and service transformation and that is agnostic toward organisational or professional boundaries.

Service transformation and place based care:  WSP has carried out a number of projects exploring the nature of service transformation, linked to overall ICS goals that are necessary in areas such as urgent care, planned care, place based care, primary care and specific services such as Cardio-Respiratory needs.  These projects have used outputs from the population health modelling and are framed so as to provide a seamless link to strategic workforce planning.

If you would like to find out more about our support to ICSs please contact Peter Lacey.