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Who Is Our COVID-19 Leader…?

Who is our COVID19 leader….? We have heard a lot about ‘being led by the science’ in the last few weeks, which I have assumed is a means of communicating to the great British public that there is certainty and a sure footing on which decisions are being made.  To paraphrase, what we seem to […]

A technology-enabled health and care workforce for the future?

When will health and care services take full advantage of new technologies, or are we doomed – or perhaps blessed – to be always half a generation behind the rest of the world?  Prompted by the Topol review WSP recently brought together a group of academics to help us think through the opportunities presented by […]

All models are wrong ….

It was George Box, a statistician, who is accredited with the quote “all models are wrong, some are useful” – but it is a frequently quoted and well attested observation.  Over my twenty-plus years of modelling, the balance between ‘wrong’ and ‘useful’ in any one model is a constant tension to hold, and to use […]

Relational Systems

Social relationships are well understood to have a significant impact on health and well-being, with studies from across psychology, epidemiology, sociology and demography highlighting the importance of multiple and interacting social mechanisms influencing mental health, health behaviour, physical health, and mortality risk. In 2010 a meta-analysis of 308,849 deaths suggested that, at a conservative estimate, […]

Helicopters & microscopes

If we lived in a world where helicopters and microscopes were interchangeable we’d clearly be in a bit of a mess. Imagine your satnav giving you instructions for every pothole and divot on the route from home to work each day, or telling you simply to ‘go west’ when you’re faced with a complex network […]

When big data meets Bob Dylan

I’ve been at two modelling and simulation conferences in the last month in which the subject of ‘Big Data’ has been discussed. According to one speaker, a Professor, we are currently producing more bytes of data each year than were produced in the previous 5,000 – each year!  Now I’m good with numbers, but I […]

Compassion – not just for nurses

Where has all the compassion gone?   Its reintroduction is certainly being called for in buckets – NHS England planning guidance says: “we want everyone to have greater control over their health and wellbeing, supported to live longer, healthier lives by high quality health and care services that are compassionate, inclusive and constantly improving”.    I […]